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E-Wheels Mobility

The expert in electric mobility

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We specialize in electric and above all, ecological micro-mobility! Our products are the ideal alternative for your daily commute. Finally, no more endless traffic jams or public transport puzzles; grab the handlebars and fly to your destination!

Our vision

We are actively participating in the development and establishment of a new era of micromobolity.

Thanks to our innovative products, we want to replace your conventional means of transport and thus make your trips more efficient, fun and ecological! Whether it’s to get to work, to go to a party with your friends or simply to take a weekend ride, our scooters, skateboards and electric bicycles are ideal. Plus, it’s easy to make a difference for the planet by riding 100% electric! You emit no pollution when you ride electric!

Why choose
E-Wheels Mobility ?

Simple, we are THE Canadian leader in micromobility.

At E-Wheels Mobility, we are passionate about new transportation technologies and we know that this is the best solution for your daily commute. We offer unparalleled customer service and guarantee prompt delivery with our comprehensive inventory.


In order to help you comply with the regulations related to the use of your electric scooter, we are proud to be the only micro-mobility supplier to offer online training on how to operate your scooter in a safe and respectful manner. In only a few minutes, you will go over all the necessary concepts in order to pass the test that leads to obtaining your certificate.

Don’t forget to visit our “Training” section to get your card!